Top 10 Innovations Impacting Real Estate

The future is now, and these innovations will help you embrace it


Technology has advanced more in the last 30 years than it has in the previous 2000. As we move further and further into the 21st century there’s a lot more to expect. Already we have everything from Smartwatches to Artificial Intelligence. Given the advancement of the outside world, it only seems right that eventually this surge will give us some of the coolest things that we can enjoy from the comfort of our own homes. With an abundance of marvelous home innovations out there, here are the top 10 most interesting and noteworthy right now!

1. Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Have you ever gone to a store and just completely forgot what you were supposed to get? Forget no more! Samsung’s new Smart fridge contains 3 built in cameras that takes a picture every time you close the door-uploading them directly to an app on your smartphone. On top of that, the fridge also allows you to write notes, look up recipes, watch TV, and more! Right from your kitchen! The Samsung fridge’s sleek design and smart capabilities are sure to increase the value of your home. For the full list of features you can follow the link here.



2. Smart Glass

Have something you want to keep private, but don’t want to use bulky blinds or shades to ruin your home’s interior? Or maybe you don’t want window glare on your tv ruining your game day experience. Smart Glass saves you from ugly blinds and annoying glares. With just the use of an app or remote, it will tint your windows in an instant. Other models are totally hands free using sensors that gauge the amount of light traveling through it, then making the glass more opaque or transparent depending on your preference. There are a few different versions at varying prices, but the one thing that they all have in common is that they can save you a lot of money on energy costs throughout the year. To read more follow the link here.



3. Hydrofloors

Always wanted a swimming pool, but thought you didn’t have room? Guess again! Hydrofloors are a great way to maximize your space. Optimizing your home is very important when it comes to your real estate value. This allows you to double up on any room in your house. Hydrofloors turn a normal floor into a pool and back in a matter of minutes. With a your choice of depths, designs, and an outdoor option. They are the best solution for anyone who wants a pool, but is short on space. Follow the link here for more.



4. Heliodome

Are you worried about your energy consumption or the rising of greenhouse gas emissions? France may have your answer! Their new Heliodome is the direct answer to energy constraints and CO2 emissions. The shape and design of the dome provides free heating in the winter and natural cooling in the summer, It’s intelligent design is location oriented to maximize the amount of light the building absorbs or deflects. Click here for the full concept.



5. NEEO Remote

Have you ever felt like it was a hassle keeping track of what remotes and apps to use for all your smart devices? NEEO is a smart system that connects to all your devices at home and conveniently places all controls into one remote. It’s easy to use design makes the daily interactions with technology in your home more natural. NEEO also is able to recognize its user and cater to their preferences. NEEO is available for preorder on the NEEO website or through Amazon with a release date to be announced soon. To learn more about it’s capabilities follow the link here.



6. Roomba 980

You want to keep your house clean, but you don’t want to do it yourself? Who does?! Let your tiny robot butler help! I know you already know about the Roomba, but it is still worth noting on this list, especially the new 980 model. The new model makes it easier than ever to let your robot do its thing. With an easy smart phone app, schedule cleanings from anywhere. The 980 has a longer lasting battery so you can feel free to let it roam the house all day picking up after you. Roomba already revolutionized the way we clean and they continue to up the anti. For more information on the new model, or Roombas in general clickhere.



7. Hydrao

Are you guilty of staying in the shower too long? Go green the simple way! With the help of the Hydrao shower head, know when you’re overstaying your welcome and track how long you should be in the shower with it’s built in LED lighting. The changing colors of the shower head signify just how much water you are actually using, blue (2.64 gal), orange (8 gal), and red (13.2 gal). You can also connect it to your smartphone and create individual profiles to log personal water usage and set water savings targets. To learn more about the Hydrao follow the link here.



8. August Smart Lock

Do you have a bad habit of misplacing your house keys? With the August Smart Lock your house keys will be a thing of the past. This lock automatically locks itself as you leave and unlocks when you approach it. It also keeps track of who exits and enters your home. The smart lock can also create “virtual keys” for guests and allows you to grant access to them for whatever duration you desire. You can purchase one for only $199 on their website. For more information follow the link here.



9. Smart Floors

Does your house get stuffy? Here’s your easy solution for cleaner air! The Lauzon Smart Floor is the first of its kind. This smart floor technology rids the air of pollutants, odors and bacteria while at the same time suppressing carcinogenic emissions. The floors also make dispersing hardwood cleaners easier, making it simpler and faster for you to clean your floors! Overall the Smart Floor can improve your air quality up to 85%! For the full details on this innovative flooring visit them here.



10. Invoxia Triby

Still a beginner when it comes to smart home technology? Triby is a great stepping stone in integrating smart technology to your home. This kitchen communication appliance allows users to communicate via bluetooth speaker, make free wireless phone calls, make notes through the triby app, and play music through your smartphone. Triby can be purchased for $199. For more information follow the linkhere.